PROPRIME (Testosterone Propionate) 1000mg/ml 10ml vial is a modern and effective drug (steroid) with the same active substance. Among the effects contributing to the popularity of this steroid include such improvements as: ensuring quality growth of muscle, increasing muscle definition and hardness muscles, increase endurance of the athlete and, of course, increase power performance.
Note that this ester of testosterone can be effectively used not only in sports practice, for example, in bodybuilding, but also in medicine. The active substance of the drug in fact have vast experience of application in medical purposes, and use it not only for the treatment of men and their inherent disease, but also in the treatment of women.
Effect Of PROPRIME (Testosterone Propionate) 1000mg/ml 10ml vial
The active substance of this drug, testosterone propionate ester is one of the oldest and most popular steroid on the market. Synthesized it closer to the middle of the 20th century, and almost immediately went on sale in the first drug based on it. While propionate is used exclusively for medical purposes to treat a variety of male-only diseases. In consequence, about the qualities of the steroid found in sports, where it is in our days mostly and used, although not lost and medical applications.
What is remarkable PROPRIME (Testosterone Propionate) 100mg/ml 10ml vial? First note that it is an effective remedy steroid with high anabolic and androgenic activity corresponding to that with the help of our store can be purchased.
Secondly, to say that anabolic and androgenic steroid exerts its effect fairly quickly, however, the activity does not last very long. Period of validity after the injection took place is about 2 days, so use it usually every other day or every third day.

Third, the effects of Testosterone Propionate varied and multiple, many of them are extremely important for athletes seeking to improve physical form:

Provides quality muscle growth;

Increases strength;

Increases the hardness of the muscles;

Increases the prominence of the muscles;

Shows fat burning effect;

Increases libido during the course.

On the other hand a Testosterone Drug may show some side effects. In particular, the athlete may face the side effects of androgenic nature, and they are: greasy skin, acne pimples (acne), body hair on face and body, loss of hair on the head.
There is the likelihood of reducing its own production of testosterone when applied Testosterone Propionate plus, there’s a risk that the declare itself estrogenic side effects (risk of gynecomastia, excess fluid accumulation, increasing fat). Therefore, the rate of this drug should be approached with the utmost seriousness.
Storage conditions: in the first place should not be exposed to the drug moisture, or bright light, so better keep it in a dark and dry place. Second, the critical temperature will be detrimental to the AAS, and thus, the storage temperature should not go beyond the room indicators, at least it is supposed to.